We are excited to be involved in the 2020 POP UP PENGUIN Art trail brought to you by Wild In Art. The 50 large sponsored penguins as well as another 65 little penguins  decorated by schools will be out to see on the streets of Christchurch in late November.


Caxton’s Penguin has been designed and brought to life by the talented artist Jeremy Sauzier and we can’t wait to share him with all of Christchurch who will be hunting them out over the summer.


The penguins will highlight themes like climate change, community, Antarctica, creativity, innovation and exploration.


At the end of the Pop Up Penguins art trail, the large penguins will be sold at auction to raise money for Cholmondeley Children’s Centre. In 2014, the giraffe sculptures of Christchurch Stands Tall sold for a total of $465,000, 75% of which was given to charitable causes. 


CEO for Cholmondeley, Arron Perriam reflects, “When you’re an essential service that’s 80% community funded and you lose a significant portion of your fundraising revenue, it’s a big blow. These penguins bring with them a great opportunity for Cholmondeley Children’s Centre and we are looking forward to seeing them colour our city come summer”


We’re so grateful to have the support of our city leaders, who are enthusiastic about the event.


“We can all remember the effect the giraffes of Christchurch Stands Tall had on our city as we were in recovery from the earthquakes,” says Mayor Lianne Dalziel. “They brought people into the city and gave everyone, young and old, something joyful to share for a whole summer. 


Now Pop Up Penguins will populate the city this summer, a great theme for one of the world’s five gateway cities to Antarctica. We need events and creative projects like Pop Up Penguins to draw people into the central city, promote creativity, delight children, connect communities and celebrate life. I encourage businesses in a position to do so, to support this project and give Christchurch a summer of smiles.”